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Contact to us

-We try to reply as soon as possible, but there may be delays due to other tasks such as product or event preparation.

Weekdays 9:00-18I'll check and reply at :00. (Closed on holidays)
Please understand beforehand.


Inquiries are separate from the Guardians website. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us from here.

Mail Address





<Request when writing an email>

Except for impressions and comments, for important inquiries, please fill in the subject line with your entry and membership.


Example 1) In the case of payment inquiries "Payment: Non-member or paid member" (current member status)  

Example 2) Problems such as not being able to log in to the web page

"Disability: Free Member or Paid Member" (Current Member Status)  

Example 3) If you want to change your personal information (e-mail address)

"Change of personal information: Free member or paid member" (current membership status)


※ We will refrain from answering inquiries other than the person. If you have any problems, please send us your own email. If you wish to post the text of the e-mail from our company on SNS, etc., please obtain our consent in advance.  

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