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공개·17 🇯🇵

YooChun has proven once more by his inner strength that he is a redeemer who forgives and rises above luminous spheres 🪐 of the heavenly souls where he belongs, to share universal salvation! 💫🌟✨️

The salvation of peace of heart💓 and mind which leads up to mercy!

Thank you God, for this healing of an exceptional man who knows how to forgive and spread love! 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕯🪔🕊✨️💖

I am proud of you, Park YooChun! 🥰💙🌻💫

You never disappoint me... 🌟🥇✨️😍👏🏻💜☯

Keep faith and always walking to the starlight!!🌠✨️💫🌟

Thx to My Happiness Delight for sharing on YouTube this beautiful and moving song that makes hearts vibrate!❤️ 'Dare You To Move' 🌟 230426-SS2~mini-live concert~☆♡


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