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공개·2 🇹🇭

God, into your hands...beloved Yuchun🙏💕🙏🌟 and all lucky fans cheering up tonight!🌻💙💫🎶🎤🎵🌠❤ Locals from all over the world🌻are waiiting..🌻🎊

I'm excited too and whish I could fly 🦅🌐through the sky and cross montains and sea to meet YU!!🙏🏻🎐🇱🇧🌻💙🥰🌻❤~

Photo borrowed from friend fan on IG

Annyeonhaseo 박 유 천 🙏🏻^____^

They say if you want something set it free. If it's yours, it will comeback. If it doesn't, it never was!

Maybe today time comes to spread your bright wings like the common crane to conquer new horizons...

If your awarded art is confined to the limits of the Land of Morning Calm, you would have missing the migration and throwing us away the chance to appreciate your fascinating and unequally artistic talents!!🌟🥇🏆🌐

Your destiny is to spread joy, hope, peace and comfort and to fulfill your awesome projects as a magical script at the stage of your life!!

I wish you all satisfactions and full of happy successful surprises awaiting!!🙏🏻🎉🎐

Annyeonhaseo Park Yu Chun^____^ ❤️

Your smile bright up my day!~~~❤️

2022년 8월 28일 · 님이 그룹 설명을 변경하셨습니다.



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